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Frequency Coach

The Frequency Coach offers highly personalised coaching for all genders wishing to journey towards wholeness in a safe and brave way. 

We are all familiar with the experience of agitation that comes when we are ready for the next thing, for a change, to begin something new. Agitating at that next layer of transition is a vital moment, that when done well, fully supported and with a clapper in one's corner, we have the possibility of making a significant difference to our state of Being. 


Paula's zone of genius is to catalyse the inherent capacity within others to lead themselves fully.

Paula weaves in the ancient wisdom inherent in the age old Rites of Passage processes, which were designed to create the framework within which a person can transition from one stage of life into the next in a healthy way. By working with the awareness of the framework of Rites of Passage, Paula will guide you expertly using various tools to support you on your journey into yourself to discover your unique gifts and talents. 

Paula's zone of genius is in supporting others to find their own way utilising wisdom, compassion and intuition. The greatest gift we can give to one another is a roadmap and the confidence to deeply know that none of us need to be saved. Supported yes for sure, celebrated, absolutely! But saved... no... we each have the ability to guide ourselves through our lives. We have forgotten how to do this, because we haven't been shown the way or been initiated into maturity through a healthy rite of passage. Paula shines a light on the places one needs to visit, the things one needs to see, in order to take one's own light back, and walk forward with courage and awareness.

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The Frequency Coach is for you if you:

  • are any gender

  • looking for the intimacy and privacy of one-one-one coaching sessions

  • have completed the Frequency Circles and wish to continue to deepen your transformational journey one on one with Paula

  • are looking for guidance in specific relation to something that is happening in your life or feel out of alignment with your path and purpose and wish to uncover the gift that is your true calling

  • you wish to make peace with the voice of fear, uncertainty and doubt, and integrate it fully into your everyday so that it is no longer a de-railer

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