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The Frequency Circles - Women together in nature
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The Frequency Circles

The Frequency Circles offer you the opportunity to go through a transformational journey to connect more deeply to your authentic essence. 

We utilise the Ancient Wisdom inherent in healthy Rites of Passage, the Heroine's Journey and the Sumerian myth of the Goddess Inanna and her descent to the underworld to meet her severed, dark sister Erishkigal, to steward the circle and the women within it on a journey of internal self-discovery. Women have become stuck in their un-initiated 'Maiden' years due to the absence of healthy rites of passage into feminine maturity, and it is in The Circle that we remember.

What our inner voice is calling us to, is to our Archetypal Mother Frequency, to our maturity. 

- Wounded Maiden Traits: Impatient, uncertain, attention-seeking, perfectionist, reactive, unworthy

- Healthy Maiden traits: Energetic, determined, curious, explorer, adventurous, creative

- Mature Mother Traits: Self-sourcedness, unconditional love, protective, wise, steady, calm, accepting, forgiving, confident, patient

Women sitting in a circle on a guided transformational journey

Archetypal Mother Frequency

We all wish to embody the traits of the Healthy Maiden and the Mature Mother. In order to do so, we first have to become aware of the fragmented parts of ourselves, our wounded maiden, that is keeping us feeling stuck, and bring her into wholeness in a safe, guided and facilitated way. 

Gathering in circle in the presence of other women, to learn from and be witnessed by, while being held and stewarded through the cyclical winding journey of discovery of what mature feminine self-leadership is for each of us, is what you will experience. The circle offers the possibility of deep transformation and connection to self, initiation into what maturity looks and feels like for Women, a clearer understanding of your path and purpose be it professional or personal, and a cultivation of community amongst like minded women seeking to discover their true essence and gifts to offer the world.

Join us to remember how to live within the Frequency.

The Frequency Circle is for you if you:

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  • are a women or you identify as a woman

  • you recognise that you are not living your best life

  • you 'sense' something in you evolving and changing, perhaps calling you but you cannot hear the voice clearly

  • you have experienced, or are recognising that the old systems are crumbling, the pace and way of life of this modern world is unsustainable, and that there is a necessity to create a new way forward

  • you wish to live in alignment with your values and connect to your unique gifts and talents

  • you wish to move past the voices of fear, uncertainty and doubt

  • you wish to find belonging and connection among other women seeking to live in their mature feminine

  • you are ready for or are calling in your personal transformation but you don't have a roadmap on how to go about it

  • you feel you're disconnect from the Mother Frequency. Be it your relationship to your own biological mother, to our Great Mother Earth, or to the Great Goddess. You wish to connect to this divine feminine essence


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The Process

  • 10 week online circle journey via Zoom

  • Small intimate group

  • Weekly learning video delivered online

  • Weekly recorded meditation to support the journey

  • 2 x 1 hour long coaching sessions with Paula during the journey

  • Online private community for ongoing support and belonging

  • Integration tools and resources

Cost: $1,550.

Next Circle begins: 19th July 2023 @ 12pm AEST via ZOOM.

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