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Women in a transformational circle

At the Frequency, we are passionate about supporting women to transition into their full Feminine Maturity, strength and power.  We journey through a transformational Rites of Passage Circle Experience to discover our true essence, values and purpose. We remember the value of women working with women, we learn how to be in healthy relationships and set loving and clear boundaries, and we build community that is aligned with the values of the Frequency of Consciousness and Love.

About The Frequency

Every person on Earth is growing older, however growing older does not imply maturing. In indigenous cultures across the world, communities have performed routine Rites of Passage processes for their people, to support their transition from one stage of life to the next in a healthy way. Typically, these transitions happen when the individual is agitating in their life, sensing something more is possible, discontented with their current existence, at a certain age or experiencing challenges in their relationships and keep blaming the other.

When these key and inevitable states of agitation occur in a person's life, and they do not have the culture, community or support structure to assist them in transitioning from one stage of life to the next, key opportunities for learning, expansion and growth are missed, and the person does not transition into deeper layers of maturity. By utilising the Rites of Passage framework to guide and steward one another through these key transition moments, the possibility is created for a person to undergo a significant and meaningful transformation in their lives. 

The ancient wisdom that is inherent in practises and processes such as Rites of Passage and Mindfulness is infused into the transformational journey that we take women on in the intimate offerings of the Frequency Circles and the Frequency Coach. By inviting in the possibility of transformation and saying yes to bridging your world from where you are now in order to become the person you know deep down you want to show up as but feel like something is standing in your way, you are already taking bold steps on your path to maturity, to sovereignty. You are opening yourself up to discover your unique gifts and talents, a connection to a community of women who celebrate you and fan the wind beneath your wings in loving support, and the chance to show up in the fullness of you, unapologetically authentic, and attuned to the Frequency of Love. 

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Meet Paula

Paula Conroy is the Founder and Heart of the Frequency. Paula is a passionate advocate of the positive evolution of humanity and the practise of living in alignment with the Frequency of Consciousness and Love. Her zone of genius is to navigate her way to the heart of the people she meets with kindness, curiosity, intelligence and awareness. She is an extraordinary builder of community and cultivates welcoming and warm spaces where people feel safe to relax and allow themselves to be heard and seen. Paula is an expert facilitator and transformational circle holder, and her passion lies in being at the coalface of people's deep transformation within themselves.

Paula spent 15 years working in Senior Leadership roles within Corporate Banking, managing large complex teams in matrix style structures, while defending an 8 figure balance sheet. She worked closely with her team managers and their subsequent teams to constantly seek to unlock the potential of the individuals within the whole, and therefore the whole itself. 

Paula is a passionate advocate of Mindful living, and the practise of Mindfulness, and she led her teams with courage to experiment with various mindfulness practises within their day to day. She ushered in the Banks first Mindfulness initiatives, and ran this off the side of her desk for 4 years before leaving the industry to work more deeply in offerings that hold transformational potential for individuals.

When Paula discovered the Rites of Passage framework, it became immediately obvious that this process is a missing link in our culture today.

As a woman in her 40's, and having put into practise the Rite of Passage process and framework in her own life, Paula has embodied and continues to practise the application of the framework and the awareness it brings into every facet of her every day.

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The Frequency Coach - Paula Conroy
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She has radically transformed her own life from working in Banking and living in Sydney, to moving to Byron Bay with her family, and seeding The Frequency. She has cultivated a deeper understanding about what Feminine Leadership actually entails, and recognises the ways in which the 'old system' that she was a part of for so long, is not supporting the emergence of true, mature feminine leadership. 
Paula hears the call for women to find their unfiltered essence, their power and their authenticity, to arrive in a place where they can live out their passion and purpose with clarity and joy. Her call is to assist women to step into their Mature Feminine, to be of great service to a world so desperately in need.

The Frequency Logo

Our Logo

Our logo captures the very essence of the feminine.

Our logo captures the very essence of the feminine. The feather quill holds the frequency of freedom, ascension, a connection to the divine and a call to that which must rise. Each tendril of the feather a reminder that our many thoughts permeate out into the collective field all the time, and have an impact on everything around us and within us. As we learn from those that have gone before us, the feather quill points towards the reflective practise of journaling and allowing voice to come through with the written word.


At the centre of our logo, the heart of it, is the powerful, intriguing and potentially frightening image of the serpent, the snake. Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force, rebirth into something new. As the snake elegantly winds its way forward in a non-linear way, quietly and smoothly with grace and ease, it sheds its skin time and time again, letting go continuously of that which no longer serves her. She represents the continuous nature of death and rebirth to emerge anew, fresh and clear of the old, healed and whole. The snake is a protector, a symbol of femininity, and is intimately associated with the soul's journey toward self-realisation.


Within the snake, we have represented the sacred water droplet, the source of life and a most vital of elements to be protected. Women have historically always been the caretakers of the waters of the earth. Our individual task is to seek to balance the waters within, to mirror the balance we desire without.


The clouds represent water in a different form, much like women can change form and slip into another role as required, so too, the element of water can morph into clouds and nourish the earth with its quenching offerings.


The element of fire is here to remind us that what does not serve us any longer, must be burnt away. Fire purifies with its burn, and although painful in the experience, it lays to rest what must die, allowing for the new to be born.  The Earth sign for the divine feminine, motherhood, growth and life is represented by the triangle upside down with a single line through it. The grounding element to which all Beings on earth connect to... to re-source to the Mother Frequency, to Mother Earth. The Heart represents the the source of all things, Frequency of Love, of Consciousness.


At the very top of our logo we have the Mineral Queendom represented. Crystals grow from millions of years of mineral deposits mixing with water at various temperatures and pressures, to emerge in their stunning sparkling form. They reveal to us the great beauty that is formed under intense pressure and allowing time to work its magic.


Below the crystal is a wing, calling for us to take flight, to spread our wings, to soar. It encapsulates our winged friends of the skies, watching over us from above, calling us to rise.


Roses remind us of Great Spirits love at work in the world. Their silky texture and heavenly scents mixed with the visual delight of their beauty awakens all the senses. The rose bud grows slowly until the exact moment when the conditions are met for it to unfurl into its glorious fullness. A mirror for the emergence of the delicate and sensitive essence of the feminine, which requires a gentle growing and unfurling process, cultivated optimal conditions, nurture and love, while the stem and its thorns protect it, and ground it, to feel safe to fully open.


The Moon and Stars reveal to us the cycles of Nature, each day melting into night, and the night then meeting the day, consistently occurring for us to rely upon. Each moment an in breathe and out breath, the rhythm of life, and the never ending dependable cycles of nature, expanding and contracting in every single moment.


The butterfly is a marvellous example of metamorphosis. From a caterpillar one moment, allowing itself to vulnerably dissolve into caterpillar soup, only to emerge completely transformed as a beautiful butterfly. What an extraordinary display of deep trust in instinct and nature taking its course. Within the butterfly we have the hearts beating in the wings, and the all-seeing eye's forever awake and aware. The sacred geometry symbols remind us about the layers upon layers within the infinite, the fractals that make up the very essence of life, and reminding us to not get stuck on the first impression, at first sight. To always seek to pause, and look beyond first impressions, there is so much more to this world than we see. 


The cogs remind us that our thinking mind is a necessary and important tool to be wielded, but also, that it is mechanical and predictable in nature. It should be appreciated for the tool that it is, and then set aside, not heralded as the guiding force in our evolving lives. The thinking mind can support the path for the conscious mind to emerge, however we must not not limit our experience by remaining in the small field of awareness that is the mechanical nature of unconscious thought.  


The leaves and vines weave their way through our logo to remind us of the ever-presence of nature all around us and for all of nature's teachers. Our fully integrated human experience within nature. Humans medicines all stem first from nature, it is the beginning and the end.  Birth, death and rebirth occurs consistently in nature, and we are a part of nature - she calls us to be born, to die and to become reborn all within this lifetime.


The nautilus shell holds the underwater worlds frequencies, and the most stunning example of the logarithmic spiral in nature, the eternal line.


The Frequency of the Feminine, of Mother Nature, of Love and of Consciousness, are all captured in this image. 

Our Lineage

I would like to pay my respects to the elders and leaders of the indigenous peoples of this land upon where I live, and from where The Frequency has been born, the Arakwal People of the Bundjalung Nation in Byron Bay. I would like to pay my respects to their elders and their leaders, past, present and emerging.


I give thanks and pay my respects to Dr Arne Rubinstein, Rites of Passage expert and Master Facilitator, the Elder of this resurgence of interest and transformation that Modern Day Rites of Passage is having within communities around the world. Thank you for this wisdom lineage that you have so openly shared with over 350,000 people around the world. Rites of Passage is mainstream again.

To Sarah Durham Wilson, Sarah of Magdalene, thank you for diving deep and bringing forth the Women's Rite of Passage into feminine maturity. Thank you for keeping integrity and sacred reciprocity at the core of what you create, shining a light into the corners of the people who have the privilege of receiving your teachings. For your inspiring hunt to break down the patriarchy within yourself, and to then share these gifts with all the women and men in your tribe, now and to come. 

To the ancient practise of Mindfulness Meditation, to Mother Nature and all of her teachers, and to Great Spirit for her patience, grace and love.

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