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Welcome to
The Frequency

A place were Women can journey through a Transformational Circle Experience to connect to their full feminine maturity and potential.

Women together in nature on a transformational journey

The Frequency Circles

Today's systems are built upon foundations that are unsustainable and imbalanced. In order to bring about balance on the outside world, we first need to create, and then connect to this capacity within ourselves.


The Frequency Circles offer women the space and experience to journey through a healthy Rite of Passage Process online and in-person, to transition from one stage of life to the next in a healthy way. Women are plagued with challenges such as self-doubt, self worth, busy-ness, feeling over-stretched and under appreciated. All of these traits are generated from an unexamined past that harbours unfelt feelings, un-cried tears and a disconnection from WHO I AM.


The Frequency circles provide a safe and brave space for women to cultivate their understanding of their feminine essence, to access the fragmented and lost parts of themselves, to bring them into wholeness and to connect to a sisterhood of women all walking the path together.  She will arrive in her full feminine maturity, and know how to show up in all areas of her life.

NEXT CIRCLE BEGINS: 19th July 2023 at 12pm AEST


What Is The Frequency

The Frequency is a safe and brave space where women can come to be held and guided through their transformational process. A space where women can become aware of the fragmented parts of themselves that haven't yet been brought into their mature self as a result of the absence of healthy rites of passage in modern day living. A community of like minded women, all recognising the parts of themselves that have been forgotten or blurred, knowing something needs to change, who are choosing to take the steps required to transition into the fullness of their maturity, and to understand how to give themselves in service to a world so desperately in need. 

Our transformational online circles provide a unique and extraordinary possibility for women to transform their lives, complete the past and live more fully in the present moment, with deep self acceptance and love.

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